Hair removal should not have to be difficult. It can be sensitive and stressful to constantly think about having to shave. With waxing, you postpone the problem for a few weeks.

We at Salong Violett are certified waxers and can help you remove unwanted hair growth for up to 4 weeks. When you shave, each hair triples into the hair follicle and causes it to grow more hair which is also perceived as thick and visible after a few days. The hair growth after waxing do not triple, and regular waxing causes the hair to grow more slowly and to become thinner and weaker.

By wiping away the hair from the root it takes longer for the hair follicle to form a new hair. This results in a fast, simple and very effective hair removal method.

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With us, you will always find something that suits your hair with the help of your hairdresser and good information about your health that is related to your beauty.

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